Forbes HP to be challenging to enhance future bus

Apotheker is also important to avoid another problem that the company may be a large-scale layoffs. Other news has sent out the signal: in addition to outside off Palm, PC business buyers are not willing to increase the number of employees, resulting in this part of the employee is no guarantee. In addition, close the Web operating system will also make related employees lose their jobs.

worth noting that Apotheker may be the intention of the act by the board of directors, but the deterioration of the situation far more than people expected. In many cases, Hewlett-Packard faced the challenge of transformation in the metabolism of the occasion, the company may lose cohesion. Transformation will change the company’s financial model, and Wall Street investors do not like the company’s future uncertainty.

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Apotheker public statements in March, said he intends to HP to build a cloud-based service-oriented company with a solid foundation of analysis software. Followed by HP’s acquisition of Vertica, but not enough to bring the company a clear competitive advantage. At the time,tory burch tote bags, Apotheker said it would further large-scale acquisition, followed by $ 11 billion that Hewlett-Packard acquisition of Autonomy’s news, the company has a leading market position and large customer base. Apotheker is that both sides have a synergistic effect. Once the HP sales force of its own service issues are resolved, both sides will be able to combine more closely, but in this regard, HP has a long way to go.

Hewlett-Packard spin-off PC business is facing another major challenge, Dell has a similar problem. HP’s Executive Committee from PC and printer businesses, their positions are different, the final decision-making is not easy. PC and printer is HP’s different businesses, but these two products in the retail market are closely associated. Apotheker is an issue that must be addressed is how to balance these two operations, the performance of their interests the same. TouchPad product development had stalled in part because, within HP seems to hope this is a new product, not associated with the PC business, but eventually failed.

Japan’s tsunami affected the supply of HP’s printer business and sales, making HP the situation even worse. In addition, Oracle also announced in March that no development for HP’s Itanium server software, which makes the HP suffered another blow. Moreover, Apotheker want to develop service-oriented businesses, but the implementation of the plan takes time.

Apotheker HP’s vision is to enhance the cohesion of the business, his vision of the blueprint is this: many small mobile and desktop devices at the corner of the world, with a core system of these devices to stay connected. The core system provides enormous computing, data storage, data analysis and communication, and real-time operation. Apotheker hope HP can play a major role,tory burch nylon hand bag, but the Web operating system and PC business after losing his plan seems to have been frustrated. Future challenge will be whether HP can maintain the cohesion of the core business. (Leisurely)

HP CEO Apotheker stated the company faced difficulties: Palm OS products have failed, will soon have been abandoned; PC business if you want to continue, you will need to spin-off, sale or become marginal business; money in the acquisition of the HP value-added software and services on the occasion, printing business has been unable to provide adequate financial support;’s transformation takes a long time, and will bring a lot of confusion.

Apotheker said the adverse situation for several reasons. Among them, the consumers are losing tablet PC to abandon the arms, the company needed to act quickly, adapt to this change. In addition, HP plans to the original Palm operating system products to challenge Apple and Google’s operating system, but the market refused to accept this product,tory burch flats, which destroyed the HP offer consumers / businesses, mobile / cloud computing blueprint for integrated technology products,tory burch denim tote, and damage has built up around this product developer community. Ultimately,tory burch reva flats, HP may have changed on the server, storage and back-end business management software and other resources for deployment.

Lead: Forbes on August 18 article published analysis, said HP is facing the problem of inadequate internal cohesion. The company will close the Palm operating system business, personal computer business is also facing difficulties, printing business has not change for the company to provide adequate financial support. CEO Apotheker’s cloud computing plans frustrated, he faces many challenges in the future.

following article summary:

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Biography RIM BlackBerry discuss record companies

EMI would like to see new retail services ,tory burch flats, want to be smart mobile devices,Tory Burch Terri wedge sandals, etc. part .

BlackBerry BBM is a instant messaging service , BlackBerry users can chat via the Internet . RIM new music services on how to operate in conjunction with the BBM information is still relatively small. RIM spokesman did not be reached for comment .

RIM reason for the music service and BBM grouped together , because the latter is a key asset of RIM’s final ,Caroline Patent Ballerina Flat, the instant messaging service can be used as social networking features will remain in the BlackBerry platform, users it has also been retained and increased overseas users , young users in North America ‘s most valuable tools .

four major music labels Universal Music Group , Sony Music Entertainment ,tory burch nylon hand bag, Warner Music Group and

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 19 morning, according to technology news site CNET reported that the United States , multiple sources said , RIM is negotiating with four major record companies preparing to launch new BlackBerry music service . The service will be based instant messaging service RIM BlackBerry Messenger ( hereinafter referred to as

according to market data released by research firm Gartner , RIM in the second quarter worldwide smartphone share from last year about 20 % to 12% less. Apple , HTC, Samsung and other competitors share is increased dramatically. ( Xiaoming )

sources said , RIM has at least four major record companies with a signed agreement , and will soon reach an agreement with at least another two , beta music service will launch in the coming weeks .

function in order to improve BBM ,Tory Burch Stacked Logo Hobo, RIM announced last month that developers will open services to BBM , BBM and video games allowed , Foursquare sign the application for in-depth application of social integration .

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Apple’s Jobs shows push LTE version of the iPhone

LinkedIn Jobs on the show, Apple is familiar with recruiting engineers,tory burch boots, field testing of LTE technology. In the mobile communications industry, usually refers to the current field test to test the new mobile phone network, measuring its signal strength. This is the official launch of a mobile phone manufacturers in the mobile phone must be preceded by steps.

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the Jobs not only that Apple is developing LTE version of the iPhone, but the iPhone will also conduct on-site testing. Which are expected, Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be released in the coming weeks,tory stacked logo hobo, the specific time may be the end of September to early October.

Apple will launch LTE version of the iPhone will also show that the adapter’s chipset business has been good preparation. Because LTE is a new technology, so most chip makers still chip development. The industry believes that, while support for 4G LTE and 3G HSPA technology chips are being developed, will be available until the end of this year. Supports both 3G and 4G technology is very important, because LTE network in the United States has not yet achieved national coverage. Prior to the integration of LTE mobile phones through both 3G and 4G chip to solve this problem, but this will cause the phone thicker, heavier, shorter battery life.

Engadget subsequently reported that Apple’s carrier partner AT & T has been installed in the Apple retail stores in the LTE equipment. Insiders speculate that these LTE equipment used in Apple’s retail stores to help consumers try to LTE connection speed. However, only Apple products to support LTE, these devices can play a role.

Technology blog Boy Genius Report reported that the 15th of this month, operators are testing the support for LTE networks the iPhone. Under normal circumstances, operators and handset manufacturers to test new mobile network will support,tory burch handbags, so as to ensure the launch of the phone all network-related issues are resolved.

LinkedIn on this recruitment advertisement appeared in the August 17 or 18 days. Jobs said the candidate will be working for Apple’s Candidates will

whether the outside world had of the Apple iPhone support next-generation LTE technologies will enable questioned, because of the high cost of LTE-related components. Apple said that the existing LTE chipsets can not reach the company’s standards. In April of this year’s conference call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer (Peter Oppenheimer) said that early LTE mobile phone chips will lead to have to make some design changes, and Apple do not want to make this change.

this LTE version of Apple’s iPhone is not just for the U.S. market. Jobs revealed that Apple’s headquarters in California in the post, but Apple and some field test engineer jobs in Germany, France and Japan. In these countries, Apple has launched iPhone. In Germany and France, there are a number of operators in the iPhone. In Japan, iPhone carrier Softbank only.

LTE version of the Apple iPhone is significant. First,tory burch tote, it shows that with the 4G LTE technology is attractive. As the first U.S. launch LTE services in large-scale operators, Verizon Wireless said its LTE network now covers more than 160 million Americans, more than half the U.S. population. But other U.S. carriers in this regard is still not much progress.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 19 morning news, according to Apple’s latest recruitment information, the next generation iPhone is likely to support 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network.

But over the past few months,tory burch reva snake print gold, LTE chip may have been significantly improved. The high-pass may have made important progress in this regard. Speculation, Qualcomm will be Apple’s products, the leading provider of LTE chips. (Qiu Yue)

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Unemployed people posing as prosecutors jailed 12

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Zhongguang Wang Changsha August 9 news ( reporter Li Zeng Hunan, Taiwan, political correspondent Andrew was Yan Chen Zhongwei ) Xiangyin County , Hunan Province People’s Court of First Instance handed down yesterday,tory burch reva, with特大诈骗案. Yao Jun posing as prosecutors accused of fraud over 1.13 million yuan ,tory burch tote, was sentenced to twelve years deprivation of political rights for two years and fined RMB yuan.

unemployed 37-year- old Yao Jun illegally forged the relevant documents , pretending that he is Hanshou County , Changde City, Hunan Province, People’s Procuratorate ,tory burch flip flops discounted, the Provincial People’s Procuratorate of the staff to be able to help people solve the placement of a soldier cards , job placement, job change unit , under the guise of affordable housing to buy , Yang and other fraud victims have 12 cash 1,138,350 yuan .

arrangements to fulfill their work for the victims of the lie , cheat their trust ,Tory Burch Caroline, the defendant actually their own money for the victims for Yao Jun When the victim Yaomou Yang , who pledged to ask the personnel files of units arranged matters , only that cheated .

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Hunan Xiangyin court that the defendant Yao Jun defraud other people’s property , a huge amount , its actions constituted fraud . Pleaded guilty to justice after his good attitude , appropriate sentences . Yao Jun accused of grave damage to the social order of the criminals ,tory burch wedge flip flops, according to additional deprivation of political rights.

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Domestic violence poison his wife, the husband the

It is understood that after the Spring Festival this year, Wang Gui has big fights with the lock once. Later, the son of working out to get home to his mother brought out, planning to let both parents separated for some time to calm his father after the mother and then sent home. Who knows one day her son his father suddenly received a phone call from his father on the phone said he drank pesticide. This time the son of panic, his father actually to die onslaught, sent home to his mother. The king drank pesticide lock out of danger after emergency treatment. His son returned to his father’s side had to be his mother.

irascible there domestic violence tend

According to a staff of community, the king locks in the butcher meat line of business. He started on the streets in the community rent meat, and later made money on expanding the scale of operation, the farmers market, buying a house facade. It has been jokingly said that the king lock has been

8 月 5 日 between 9 am to 10 pm, Gui her parents come to a more than 20 people. Her family launched a war of words with the king of the lock, the lock while everyone king is not prepared to quietly withdraw from the crowd, alone throughout other country their home, his brother was hanged dilapidated cottage in death.

the reporter Liyuan Bo

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Director of Women Chen told reporters port community, the king locks her to live in a village, she knows the king locks. Wang Gui has been locked for rude, frequently beaten. She has worked with Wang lock time, in working, she had this many times to persuade him, he said, face to face change, but the bottom of a turn, it has restored the original appearance.

Why treat the son of the king locks it? King’s son said the lock, his father beat his mother, he hugged his father from behind. Father so angry that he beat himself. He saw his father insisted on not regret, do not want the situation towards the worse, his father kneel twice to admit, but these did not impress his father. Father would say to him to start, one would then ordered him and his wife the night

nursing mother son threatened by the I

Morning News saying goes, Family Harmony, but in this family, the husband character, reckless, hot-tempered, long-term violence to his wife, has always turned a deaf ear to the opinions of others. Hey family,tory burch emmy thong, and it was his August 4, the tragedy in this scene Lujiang County, Chaohu City.

It is understood,tory burch flip flops discounted, Gui death day, Chen was rushed to the port community and asked her husband for divorce. Community instrument to persuade the occasion, the king rushed to lock,tory nylon hand bag, yells Gui arbitrarily call the shots.

It Lujiang Ketan town residents, Wang Suofu women have a 20-year-old son, has married. 45-year-old king locks (a pseudonym) irascible, often beaten his wife Gui abuse, domestic violence tendencies.

July 25, the son of the king locks suddenly find community secretary Xu Zhilong, said parents are at home, he After Xuzhi Long also received a neighbor’s phone lock king, kings lock hard with his son tonight.

cowardly wife has filed for divorce

Lujiang Ketanzhen port communities secretary Xuzhi Long Chen told reporters the next day, the king’s son with his mother Gui lock left the house together. Three days later, the son of the king to expel workers lock the seat, and his son’s father Unexpectedly, three days later, Gui poison.

Xuzhi Long said he was the night of 4 August the town government and town police station received a call, and the other villagers’ group, said Song Yuan Gui (a pseudonym) took poison and died,tory burch wedge flip flops, her husband reported the king locks the police. So he spent the whole night and the police station rushed to the county People’s Hospital Gui, but after a medical examination,tory stacked logo hobo, Gui has died.

ignorance led to tragedies

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8 August, Lujiang Ketanzhen Politics and Law Committee secretary, said Wu Hongbing Wang lock family tragedy is accidental, is inevitable. Lock’s wife, Wang Gui suicide, authorities have been doing mediation work. But the king locks his powerful personality and ignorance led to another out of the tragedy.

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The girl was leaving school bus died of suffocatio

yesterday morning, Wang Peipei on Wang Bin’s father went to Anqing First Detention Center made a special trip, to see XingJu daughter, but failed to do so.

daughter said, the crying of the students gave the teacher after class, she was ready to return to school car, saw the school bus door is closed, she thought the car the children were receiving class on. Wang Bin said day, her daughter received a phone call, Aug. 3, he took leave of absence Pianxiang company,tory burch tuscan taupe, August 5 Tongcheng train back, and invited a local lawyer.

day, is responsible for coordinating the handling of the matter should show the district government staff on Bin and Wang also had some exchanges, to do his work to appease.

class the teacher has not found missing

Wang Xiaolong lawyer said, according to Wang Peipei introduction, she is 11 to July Yucai Bilingual Kindergarten work, was placed in large classes in supplemental teacher, and she was recruited to the kindergarten with a total of 4 Name Tongcheng Normal School students. And the day of the incident, she did not pick up the child received the list.

The students also said that the day in the afternoon after school, she saw Wang Peipei Pushing open the door of school bus 7, to hold out a child, the child was soaked to the skin, there is no response . Wang Peipei stunned, then call the principal of, the principal came to see, clinging to the child kept crying scared. After, I went to another school bus to send the other children home.

yesterday, Wang Peipei on Wang Bin’s father told reporters, is parents, he was very understanding of the feelings of parents of children at the moment the accident, although his family was poor,tory burch flip flops, but he will make every effort to make compensation, he wanted to first to the victim’s parents to apologize on behalf of children, Welcome comment to comment

party is 19-year-old student teacher

Wang Peipei on Wang Bin’s father told reporters that he is God Tongcheng gold town, Wang Peipei at home is old and young, only 19 years old this year, above and two sisters, now or Tongcheng Normal School students next year before graduation. Matter too much for her daughter’s fight, her mood is very low, he was very worried.

moment of the incident, his father recalls his daughter

Yesterday afternoon, reporters phone the student surnamed Chen Wang Peipei, she told reporters July 11, they went to Anqing Yucai four bilingual kindergartens, and kindergartens and signed a two-year contract. Agreement prior to September 1 this year, is the internship period, after appointment to the official. Internship monthly wage of 800 yuan, after the monthly wage of 1,000 yuan. After the contract,tory burch handbags, they also paid a four per person $ 800 deposit. They four in the garden room and board. As the four are not working full moon, after admission did not receive paychecks.

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admission for less than a month

Bin Wang on your daughter’s lawyer Wang Xiaolong Anqing City yesterday morning in the first detention center, allowed to visit the Wang Peipei. Wang Xiaolong lawyer said Wang Peipei it into the community, now the pressure is very large,tory burch reva, the mood is very low.

summer, Anqing 3-year-old girl force is to be a kindergarten teacher and school bus driver left lying in the car, up to eight hours, died. After a series of reports, has aroused extensive attention.

The students said that before admission, she and Wang Peipei did not know, now very worried for her, the police informed her that may assist in the investigation, not to leave Anqing City.

Bin Wang told reporters on the accident that day, he is in Beijing to work, at about 6 pm and 9 pm, Wang Peipei twice sent messages to his mobile phone , but he did not see things, a message that, in their own police station, another said that having a child die in school bus.

The students also said children to the kindergarten teachers work each week rotation, the first week of admission, garden work is scheduled to Wang Peipei pick up the child, but the fourth week Wang Peipei turn to pick, but just this week, tragedy staged.

talking about the nursery children to the management system, the students said,tory burch wallets, the day of the accident, she was the first time arranged pick up the child, nursery did not explain to her what. According to the provisions of kindergarten, every morning, the class teacher must be named on the child class, is the name of the child to point to the call Day, Yan Yan in an old nursery school teacher’s class, do not know why Yen Yen was also found missing.

9 o’clock that night, Wang Peipei a telephone call to his father. After she get off, then hold the child off one by one, the car only five or six students, a summer student for admission until, suddenly began to cry, the driver motioned her to the crying child hold to the class, and she then picked up these students, the class teacher gave the child, while to the side of another teacher said:

yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed the father and kindergarten teacher Wang Peipei students learned Wang Peipei is Tongcheng Normal School students in the school, in kindergarten work is still in the internship. On the day morning, Yan female faces of the children were left behind school bus, but teachers have not found the morning roll call.

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Eighty drivers drunk driving Zhuangfei morning exe

in the past. He turned to look, at the southeast intersection, a silver car hit an old man. Several meters from the old man was Zhuangfei out,tory burch alex sandal almond, back of the head lying on the ground motionless ground, there is a pool of blood on the ground. The electric car is flying longer distances, the vehicle has been broken, completely out of shape, the car and a bag of fresh vegetables.

Yesterday morning,tory burch tote, in Hangzhou Ring Road and Zhongshan North Road intersection, in front of the swimming pool is on the road in Hangzhou,tory burch miller sandal, the occurrence of a serious road accident – an old bike was a sudden car to Zhuangfei, died after death. People did not expect that, even after a car accident left the man in the ground zero, and not get off in time to save.

This is a license Hangzhou Dongfeng Citroen car, the left side of the car windshield has been cracked, and there was a big hole, but left the engine metal has also been uneven. The driver was quickly controlled by the police. According to the reporter later learned that the driver’s alcohol test results, did reach the drunk driving standard.

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our reporter Xu Jianguo Xin Ge newspaper correspondent

Although Cui Dabo 80 years old, but the body has been very tough. it.

old man surnamed Cui hit this year, 80 years old, he was soon sent to the Provincial People’s Hospital. He said that my grandfather lived in Ha Bay Lane area, likes to West Lake Morning, today is also estimated to go home after morning exercise.

reporter has learned that the driver surnamed Pu, less than 30 years of age,tory burch terri, Hangzhou. As for how the accident occurred,tory burch tote, whether the driver hit and run, etc., which are pending further investigation traffic police department. (Thanks to Mr. Jiang clues)

It is speculated that the scene was riding for the elderly should be across the street from south to north, while the vehicle is traveling from west to east. Onlookers said after the incident, and no owners get off to save the accident, so they Huiguo Shen found that the accident vehicle had left, the owner has already gone live. However, the traffic police quickly found the vehicle, the car stopped at the former Hangzhou Ring Road near the television side of the road.

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Passenger dissatisfaction stop beating in time bus

reporter learned that the place (square concrete intersection) with the original bus stop, but because of light rail can be station construction, accounted for some of the roads, combined with another downhill, taking into account the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, some vehicles, sometimes there would be no passengers up and down.

because of dissatisfaction with the bus driver did not stop in time by the station, passengers Zhang angrily beating the driver, resulting in loss of control, crashing the roadside fence. Recently, Banan District Court of

Chongqing Business Daily: Now how to think?

Zhang: This thing is a hard lesson, but also left me with great psychological shadow. Later, while I want to learn more knowledge of the law,tory burch tote bags, on the other, or to good work, good man.

Business Daily: Do you own is a driver, why hit the driver?

bus driver failed to stop at their own request by station, Zhang heck, then went up to quarrel with the driver. The more noise the more angry huff, Zhang fist fight right to head toward the driver. Drivers to avoid subconsciously raised his right hand block, dodge, when the car lost control and crashed into a roadside light rail construction site fence, after the car left mirrors are also deformed. As the speed was very slow, the rest of the car was not injured dozens of passengers.

Zhang: intestines regret Green, and should not be so impulsive. I’ve always been disciplined, compliance work people, something never done illegal acts. After this incident, his life has also been tainted, and I’m sorry wanderers.

drivers do not stop

by bus every day to work

Zhang: never even thought about. I thought it was a small thing, is mutual altercation, a fight like that. I did not expect such serious consequences.

Chongqing Business Daily: how to do?

this series of articles by the correspondent correspondent Chen Siyu Tan Ke Lu Zou written

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cement tanker drivers

Zhang: Actually, I do not want to beat him. Before that point there is a station, I have been there under. At the time, I said to get off, the conductor blew the whistle. But I think the driver did not stop the idea that, very angry, scolded him a few words. Two people argue,tory burch flip flops, the more noise the more excited I was good at pumping him.

passengers suddenly hit anyone

pleaded guilty a good

discretion of the court sentenced to probation

about 7:40, bus reaching Long Island Bay under construction when the light rail station (the station from Long Island Bay, about 200 meters), Zhang asked off, the driver can be said to go to Long Island Bay station to stop.

(paper involved both his real name)

after seeing the car a number of passengers call the police calls. June 24, Zhang suspicion of committing the crime of endangering public safety, Banan District Public Security Bureau was under surveillance. July 28, Banan District Prosecutor’s Office to the Banan District Court.

discretion of the sentences and probation. 63, paragraph 2,tory burch denim tote, third paragraph of the provision, sentence the defendant Zhang guilty to endangering the public safety and sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years.

June 24 this year, 7:20 am, in the trunk Zhang Yudong to stop riding the bus Shapingba, located in Long Island Bay to the work of a concrete company. Zhang said that on the bus, he sat in a seat near the door. Later, a car on the elderly, he also took the initiative seat, he stood in the door.

38-year-old Zhang is a native of Banan people, after graduating from junior high school work in a factory in Chongqing. After the factory closed down in 1997, he opened the ring Yudong car. 2008, he switched to a concrete company to open cement tank. Because who lives in the roads,tory burch nylon hand bag, work sites in Long Island Bay, Zhang take the bus to work every day, but the bus lines may have several options.

Banan District Court that the defendant assaulted Zhang is a moving transit bus driver,tory burch tuscan taupe, leading to The loss of control, no serious consequences to other risk endangering the public safety, his behavior constituted the crime of endangering public safety.

the judge Ni Wei reminded the public that go by car to pay attention to civilized behavior, on the train when we must make it clear to reach their destination, and ask clear docking site, forcing the driver can not temporarily stop . Meanwhile, the driver, the conductor should also improve the quality of civilization, civilized driving, and should foster the concept of humane public transport services. Thus, it may try to avoid disputes arising.

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news face to face

Chongqing Business Daily: Have you ever thought that this was illegal things?

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8 orchards destroyed 50 acres of orchards employed

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newspaper well-being (Reporter Wu Chen ) yesterday morning, more than ten people driving excavators and loaders will Hanbin Jiangbei Office Zhanglingcun four orchards razed 50 acres ,tory stacked logo hobo black, and two block villagers injured patient , the district police station scene and arrested the perpetrators and the eight involved in the investigation .

waiting at the scene , according to villagers, this orchard is Hanbin Jiangbei Office Zhanglingcun four groups of land , whether the excavator and loader driving deforestation murderers are they? Why to deforestation? The villagers are confused now , is to prepare a preliminary estimate of this piece of land occupied by units or individuals under the hand . Reporters time ago from the well-being of Municipal Public Security Bureau Hanbin Branch Jiangbei Police Station learned : At 3 pm the same day ,tory burch miller sandal, the morning after the attack deforestation,tory burch tuscan taupe, a group of people fleeing the scene again in deforestation ,tory burch alex sandal almond, robbed the villagers tried to hold back the excavator and loaders,tory burch tote, Jiangbei time out of the police station , arrested eight people in the field , and upon inspection are social idlers, by these social idlers who directed , employed , and causes of deforestation , Jiangbei Police Station are still questioning investigation.

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Gangs in the country under the protection of perso

It is reported that the case the trial is expected to last three days. (End )

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BEIJING, August 9, Jilin (Reporter Cang Yan ) August 9 , a major social concern of Changchun City, Jilin Province, Sun Brothers triad-related cases in Jilin City Intermediate People’s Court held a public hearing .

review ,tory burch terri wedge, according to the Public Prosecution , Sun Baoguo since 2000 , by the steel market in Changchun City, will be operated by workers , has to win over social idlers, for its use and act as hitmen and all sorts of tyrants , and gradually form of its criminal syndicate headed . The organization Changchun Kaixuan steel market , where it to operate as a cover steel , vigorously engaged in criminal activities. Brother Sun suborn way through temptation ,tory nylon hand bag, to draw national staff for their criminal syndicates to seek protection.

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It is understood that the case law by the Jilin People’s Procuratorate for prosecution ,Tory Burch Terri wedge sandals, accusing the Sun Baoguo primary elements of the 16 accused on charges related to the organization , leading or participating in syndicate crime , homicide , extortion crime , disturb the crime , illegal detention ,tory burch wedge flip flops, fraud , intentional assault and other counts .

It is understood that Sun Baoguo in police arrest ,tory burch alex sandal almond, his temporary residence to 38 people gathered . Police spot these people from the car and found all kinds of machetes , daggers, to more than 30 , more than 10 bloody ho .

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